Merrill Defends Bysiewicz

If Democrat Chris Murphy or the Republicans want to blame Susan Bysiewicz for November’s Bridgeport ballot blunder, they won’t get help from new Secretary of the State Denise Merrill.    During a taping of “Face the State,” I asked Secretary Merrill if it is fair to pin the ballot problems on her predecessor.   Merrill said “no.”

You can watch the entire conversation this Sunday morning at 11 on Face the State.   Merrill also talks about her take on the Bridgeport fiasco, and the upcoming special elections.

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  1. The Bridgeport “fiasco” was not Bysciewitz’s fault. It was the Registrars of Voters in Bridgeport who ordered too few ballots. That number is up to the discretion of the Registrars, not the Secretary of the State. Perhaps there should be a statewide statue enacted stating what the amount of ballots ordered should be in relation to the number of registered voters.


  2. We would also be wise to add a more poll watchers to protect against voter fraud. This was not the only issue during the 2010 elections and it’s too bad that our citizens are faced with a lack of trust in the process.


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