Bysiewicz Rules out 2011 Mayoral Run

Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz will not run for office next year.   During a taping of “Face the State” the three term Democrat ruled out running for mayor of Middletown in 2011.      Instead she opened the door to running for the senate in 2012 against Joe Lieberman or for governor in 2014 should Dan Malloy lose this fall. 

Bysiewicz was on the program to talk about voter turnout for the November election, and which party could benefit from this  mid-term election, but attention quickly turned to her own political future.

I asked her if she had any regrets about not running for governor.  A year ago, polls showed her as the only Democrat who could give Governor Rell a run for her money.     Rell later decided not to run.    Did Bysiewicz nudge her out?   The answer on Sunday.   

We also talk about the reversal of fortune Bysiewicz suffered after she switch from the governor’s race to that of attorney general.   I asked her if she was “damaged goods.”

Also on Face this State this Sunday, analysis on all the races from two esteemed journalists, Chris Powell of the Journal Inquirer and Ted Mann of the Day of New London.    We learn some new things about the McMahon Blumenthal race from them, and get some behind the scenes perspective.  Also, why Dan Malloy’s attack ads could be helping Tom Foley and the congressional races, and who is in trouble.   

All this Sunday, and from the Channel 3 archives we take a look back at the election of 1990:  a moustachioed John Rowland battling Lowell Weicker with the help of a state senator named Kevin Rennie.

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  1. I’m hoping Bysiwicz will run for Senate and give Lieberman a run for HIS money – she’s the only Democrat that can take him on and win statewide. Malloy is going to win the Governorship, then we’ve got to move onto ousting LIEberman.


    • Not sure why it is not on wfsb.com. I will look into it. THanks for bringing it t my attention


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