Malloy Getting Help from National Democrats

Eyewitness News has learned the Democratic Governors Association is now running television ads on behalf of gubernatorial candidate Dan Malloy.   Late last week the DGA spent roughly $200,000 for advertising on WFSB.   We’ve been unable to determine if the DGA has purchased ad time on the other stations in the Hartford New Haven television market, and whether ad time has been purchased in the more expensive New York television market. 

The Republican Governors Association has not bought ad time here on behalf of Tom Foley, but has in neighboring Massachusetts for Republican Charlie Baker.  The DGA is also paying for an ad blitz there for Governor Deval Patrick.

What does this mean?  Not sure yet.   We’ve been unable to get answers from the DGA or RGA.    Usually national organizations will only spend money in tight races or races they perceive to be tight.    According to the last Quinnipiac  poll, Malloy has a nine point  lead over Foley.     This is the first time since the election of 1994 that a Democrat has lead a Republican in a poll this close to the election, so perhaps the DGA is getting a whiff of victory and doesn’t want to take any chances.   The last time the Democrats won the governor’s race was 1986.

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