WFSB, CPTV, & WNPR Announce Debate Plans

On this primary day we’d like to announce plans for debates for this fall.  WFSB will once again partner with CPTV and WNPR to broadcast two debates in October, one for the candidates for governor and the other for the candidates for the U.S. Senate.      Of course we are waiting for results from both primaries to learn the gubernatorial candidates, and the results from the Republican Senate primary to see who will be challenging Democrat Richard Blumenthal.  

WNPR news director John Dankosky and I will be involved, with details regarding format, a panel and so forth to come at a later date.     The debates will be held at Fairfield University.   

The historic collaboration between WFSB, CPTV and WNPR worked well during our primary debates, which were the most watched debates of this campaign season.

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  1. With all due respect, your ” blog ” is no blog. It’s public relations for the station you work for. It would be interesting to see your thoughts, feelings about the news stories on which you focus. That would make you seem to be human.

    Sorry. I mean more human. But you know what I mean.


  2. I cannot wait to see McMahon debate Dick Blumenthal! There is no match there! Dick has so much going for him!


  3. I can not understand how any republican who watched the debate for Governor could not vote for OZ as there candidate, he clearly won.But that is politics in CT. And Dennis I must say Terrence McCarthy does have a point. I understand being impartial as a news man but a Blog by terms must represent the thoughts of the publisher. And anyone who has ever met you knows just how opinionated you can be. Keep the torch of freedom burning bright thats the Freedom Way. :-}


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