Lamont Loses At Least Two Votes

A viewer told me she is no longer on fence about whether to vote for Dan Malloy or Ned Lamont in the primary:  she and her husband are going for Malloy.   The reason?  Annoying phone calls, referred to in the political world as “robo-calls.”   They basically are recorded messages. 

This person had four today:  one from Annie Lamont, one from Ned Lamont, one from Mary Glassman, and one from Eric Coleman on behalf of Ned Lamont.    I’m told they also got calls from two of these people over the weekend, and only two calls from Dan Malloy’s campaign, and one of them was an actual person.

I’ve received plenty of complaints about these calls, from people who say it is a disturbing of the peace.

Columnist and WNPR host Colin McEnroe has also been getting these calls, and getting annoyed by them, too.


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  1. I got robocall from one of my local judge of probate candidates todayM. I am supporting another candidate but not because of her robocall.
    I’m a busy person and don’t mind the calls.
    I have missed town budget votes because I forgot about the date of those votes.


  2. I made up my mind a few weeks ago, but if I had been on the fence, the incessant phone calls from Ned Lamont would have pushed me away. The robot-calls seem disrespectful. If someone wants my vote this badly, he should ring my bell and chat, not have a pre-recorded message interrupt my day several times per day over a couple weeks.


  3. Dennis, I know that people don’t like getting the phone calls, but that is what is going to happen when people run for office, its just part of the political game that happens all the time.

    I sure that Malloy is doing the same thing, its just that no one has complained about it. You should not allow a recorded phone call dictate the way you are going to vote. It should be the issues and where the candidate stands on the issues that are in line with the way you believe things should be and if the candidate can get the job done if put into office.


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