Political Futures of Lamont, Fedele and the Others?

Ned Lamont:       He has promised to help Dan Malloy break the Republican gubernatorial winning streak by campaigning for his former rival.    As for running for office again, many of Lamont’s most loyal supporters will want him to take another swing at Senator Lieberman in 2012.   I don’t see that happening.   With two high profile losses under his belt,  the party might give him the Bill Curry treatment and say he’s done.   Perhaps if Jim Himes loses to Dan Debicella in November, Lamont could run for congress in the 5th in  ’12.    

Michael Fedele:  Tom Foley says he and Fedele will sit down later this summer and talk about how they can work together.   If they can patch things up, maybe Fedele works with a Foley administration.   If Himes is re-elected, perhaps Fedele challenges him in ’12, or maybe Fedele runs for the senate.

Lisa Wilson-Foley:    The Simsbury businesswoman ran a close second in the race for Lieutenant Governor and impressed political observers with substantive answers to questions about budget issues.   There was talk in the days before the convention that the only reason Tom Foley didn’t pick her to be his running mate, was the fact that his ex-wife’s name happens to be Lisa Foley.    The former ambassador is said to think very highly of Wilson-Foley, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see her as a commissioner if Foley becomes governor.     If Congressman Chris Murphy is re-elected in the fall, maybe Wilson-Foley runs against him in ’12.     If he runs for the Senate, the 5th could be an open seat.   I don’t think we’ve heard the last of her.   

Mary Glassman:  Crushed by Nancy Wyman in the race for lieutenant governor, Glassman now returns to Simsbury as First Selectman.   It is clear she is bored with that job, so what’s next?   She has promised to campaign for Wyman this fall.    Anything is  possible  in politics, so despite some hard feelings between her and Dan Malloy, perhaps she could be appointed to a commissioner position if  Malloy is elected governor.   WFSB political analyst says don’t expect to see Democrats turn to Glassman in ’12 for a statewide office, given her back-to-back blowouts in ’06 and ’10.    If Congressman Murphy loses his seat this fall, given her New Britain roots,   I think Glassman could be seen as a good choice by the Democrats to challenge a Congressman Sam Caliguiri in ’12.    

Oz Griebel:    Many political observers believe Griebel won the debates against Fedele and Foley and if he had money, he  might have been able to capitalize on momentum.    He climbed from 2% in the first polls earlier this year, to 7 % a month ago, to 13%  last week to 17% on Monday.      He ended up with  19% of the vote, not bad for a guy who didn’t run a single television ad.     Duby added that she knows of people who didn’t vote for Griebel because they just didn’t think he could win.   Our Republican analyst Brian Flaherty, who endorsed Foley,  said Griebel was indeed an impressive candidate.   So what’s next?  Griebel will return to running the Metro Hartford Alliance with renewed vigor.   The anti-business Perez administration that was an impediment to Alliance plans is gone, and new Mayor Pedro Segarra has done a complete 180, saying  development and bringing new business to the city are top priorities.    This is no doubt music to Griebel’s ears.   It also might be time for Griebel and wife Kirsten to leave the empty nest in Simsbury and move to the capital city and run for mayor in ’11.   There are too many folks saying “Oz would be a great mayor.” 

Rob Simmons:    Linda McMahon could use his help.     McMahon has vowed to use the Vietnam controversy against Dick Blumenthal, and who better to talk about that than Vietnam veteran Simmons.   Simmons could also work with voters who are concerned about McMahon’s lack of government experience.    A good relationship with McMahon could also benefit Simmons and could be crucial to his  future plans.    If McMahon wins in November, one would think Simmons becomes the instant  frontrunner for the GOP senate nomination in ’12 against Lieberman.

Peter Schiff:   Schiff surprised state politicos by getting 23% of the vote in the primary, much higher than he’d been polling.    Schiff and his loyal followers may be back.  He suggested to  Christine Stuart at ctnewsjunkie.com that perhaps he would challenge Senator Lieberman in ’12.    Before he does he needs to bone up on Connecticut issues.   His answers to non-financial questions asked of him on “Face the State” and other programs were often incomplete.    A senator also needs to know the needs of folks from Goshen to Groton to Grosvernordale, not just Greenwich and Fairfield County.   He could also be a challenger for Jim Himes in ’12.

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  1. I wouldn’t expect to see Mary Glassman get appointed to anything by a Malloy administration. Mary sent out some awful, negative, and idiotic mailers attacking Nancy Wyman. Everyone knew that Ned and Dan would attack one another, but a lot of folks feel that Mary’s unexpected attacks on Nancy were unforgivable. Her conduct during the campaign has significantly damaged her reputation among party insiders and she will have a lot to atone for.


  2. I wouldn’t rule Ned out for a Senate run in two years, I think he has a strong desire to serve the country – he certainly isn’t doing it for the money. Perhaps Malloy can use Med’s expertise in the area of creating jobs and helping small business, similar to what Simmons was doing for a while in the Rell administration. Ned visited my son’s biofuel business, and was pretty savvy on what small business needs.


  3. Looks like we are going to have to teach Mr. Blumenthal the fine art of wrestling the momentum from Linda.

    I say loo–k at his record as Atty General. Everyone I know knows someone helped by him – isn’t thaT WHAT IT ALL MEANS??

    Please keep the phone ads out I didn’t vote for anyone who called more than a few times the rest were a waste of money.

    13 weeks and counting…

    John W.


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