Malloy v. Lamont Most Watched Debate of the Season

As promised, we can report the ratings for yesterday’s debate on Channel 3 between the two Democrats running for Governor,  Dan Malloy and Ned Lamont.    In an effort to try something new, we went with a 3PM time slot, which historically means the audience was likely made up of more women than men.   

August is a tough time for television because many folks are at the beach, on vacation, or doing something else than sitting on the couch.

The debate was the second most watched program from 3 to 4PM, beaten only by General Hospital.    It was the most watched debate of the primary season, but hardly a ratings blockbuster.   The debate was on par with the ratings for “Better Connecticut,” which was pre-empted for two days for the debates.  

General Hospital   WTNH        3.3 rating   9 share

Debate                       WFSB          2.1 rating   6 share

Ellen                           WVIT           .7 rating      2 share

Wilkos                       WTIC            .7 rating      2 share

Judge Brown          WCTX           1.4 rating     4 share

                                                           1.5 rating      4 share

Tyra Banks              WCCT         1.4                  4 share

Combined with the CPTV airing of the debate at 8PM, the debate got a total rating of 2.7.     The debate was also simulcast twice on WNPR.

Here’s my take on debate ratings: http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2010/07/30/apathy-the-wild-card-in-campaign-10/

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  1. Good debate, pretty civil. I liked Lamont asking Malloy where the $15 million for tourism is coming from…Both men made valid points.


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