An Old Cat Can Learn New Tricks

A big day in our house today, our cat Mackey is basking in the glow of catching his very first bird after window shopping for the 8 + years of his life.    As any cat owner knows, when your feline catches something he or she loves to bring it home as a present.   Here’s what we found in the house today:

Yummy.    To him, that is, although he didn’t eat it.    How Mackey caught the bird remains a big mystery.  He is an indoor cat, and his outdoor time has been limited to a few escapes.   We had a gnarly looking coyote in the yard a few years back, and decided it was best to keep him indoors.  

Did the bird come in the house through an open door and then he caught it,  or did he sneak outside, catch his prey and then bring it inside without us noticing?   Whatever the real story is, he’s not talking.

By the way, this unfortunate creature may have been Mackey’s first avian catch, but over the years he has caught three bats, a mouse, numerous bugs, and plenty of catnip toys.

Update:  a check of the house found a storm window that was slightly open allowing the bird to go in between the windows and the screen.    We found a couple of blood drops and feathers in the sash indicating that’s where the bird met its demise.   We’ll have to call in a CSI to make sure.

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  1. Ok, I have to say first, Macky is very cute. I have had both dogs and cats who have left me presents. My oddest one though, was when either my cat Frisky or my dog Chipper who had caught a rabbit, and left on our ‘stoop’ (Hey I was living in NY at the time). The problem was there was never a head attached to the rabbit whenever it was left for us.
    So, instead of yelling at either pet, I had them both in front of me, and I was telling them how good they had both done, and thanked them graciously.


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