DOT Allows Rell’s Name Blocked Out at Border

This is the sign that greets drivers as they enter Connecticut from Rhode Island in the town of Voluntown.    The blue sign is the official sign posted by the Department of Transportation and the makeshift sign pays tribute to Voluntown’s fallen son, Lance Corporal Tyler Griffin.   The marine was killed in Afghanistan in April and his funeral in Voluntown was attended by hundreds of people including Governor Rell.

The memorial sign honoring LCPL Griffin is covering Governor Rell’s name and has been there for most of the spring and summer.   

This is a sensitive issue for the  DOT.    Spokesperson Kevin Nursick told me the sign is not allowed, yet it is not a priority for the DOT to take it down.      Nursick says the policy regarding makeshift roadside memorials  is to let them stay unless they pose a safety risk or if someone complains.   

It’s not clear who put the sign up and why it wasn’t lowered a few inches to allow Governor Rell’s name to appear.

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  1. why on earth would this be a PROBLEM ?????????????????
    if the GOVERNER dosen’t care , oh and by the way is there boss who are they to question this ! the man gave his life for his country this means them as well so we all can live in freedom he should be remember for this. DOT just shut up and live with it!!!!!!

    Robert M. KLEIN Jr.
    reg army vet and dam proud of it


  2. Its important that we recognize our fallen military men and Women, but we can go around and cover up all the signs in the state like this. Where do we draw the line?

    You are right the it should not cove up the Governors name and the DOT should fix that.

    Keep up the good work keep us informed as to what is going on.


  3. While I was fine with the Memorial Sign but on the ‘Welcome to Connecticut’ it should not have covered Gov. Rell’s name.
    There aren’t too many states in which the Gov. will order the flag to be half mast when there is a local fallen service member. I know from living in NY, none of the Gov. had done that.
    We need to recoginize our service members when they come home.


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