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What am I holding in my hand during the newscast?

Many of you have e-mailed me asking what I’m holding in my hand during Eyewitness News at 11?   The answer:  an iPad.

We have done away with scripts here at Eyewitness News, and all of our news copy is now on the iPad.   I was the guinea pig, testing it out for the past few weeks on the 11PM news.  It will debut soon on the rest of our newscasts.

Basically,  our producer Chris Hamm (handing it off to me in the above picture) loads the device with the scripts and hands it off to me.    Our audio guru Dario Muneton, in the green shirt, takes care of it before then.   Technical producer Adam Brooks and associate producer Meredith Zaritheny are making sure no one steals it from me.   Meredith is thrilled because she no longer has to print scripts.

Change is sometimes difficult and Denise and Al are somewhat resistant to embracing the new technology.     They put up hissy fits years ago before my time when WFSB made the transition from stone tablets to paper, and I’m sure in no time they will learn to love the iPad, much like they learned to accept their title change from town crier to news anchor.

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  1. Seeing Denise and Al tonight with the IPad they seemed to be ok with it. Then again we don’t see the behind the scenes.

    Well, just as J West said, saving lots of paper, which saves a lot of trees! What a great thing. 🙂


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