State Representative Under Investigation

Eyewitness News has learned State Representative Hector Robles, Democrat of Hartford and a city police officer, is under investigation by Hartford Police, an investigation that could possibly lead to criminal charges.   HPD sources told Channel 3 about the investigation, but would not discuss details.  We expect to learn more today.

Robles is facing a primary challenge from Alyssa Peterson, who told voters of the investigation last night at a debate.    Peterson talked about the allegations against Robles.  You can read about it here  www.realhartford.org 

Robles was a no-show at the debate last night, saying he was on duty.  

When reached by telephone, Robles told us he could not comment.  No comment yet from HPD chief Daryl K. Roberts, or House Speaker Christopher Donovan.

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  1. Dennis;

    I don’t understand how someone is a State Representative like Hector Robles, could have the nerve not to show up! I’m sure he had sitck time on the books that he could have used.

    I don’t know what he is being investigated for, but the allegations sound like they are pretty serious. Being a Police officer, State Representative and under investigation all in the same sentence is not good news!

    I think we have to take a close look at who we are putting in office. Being an elected official is more then just something that you can put on your Resume. You have a responsiblity to the public, something that is overlooked sometimes in my opinion.

    Maya Angelou says that when a person tells you who they are the first time, through their words or actions, believe them.

    So, with that being said who and what has Officer, State Representative Hector Robles told us about who and what he is?


  2. I’m disappointed in Channel 3 for this characterization and for not getting all the facts straight before reporting something so easily sensationalized. Peope are so ready to jump the gun, without knowning all the facts. Officer Robles is an upstanding, exempary police officer, legislator and human being. First of all, “charges” can be brought against anyone – we do live in a society that allows for due process before someone is deemed guilty as charged. Secondly, Connecticut pays its legislators for a “part time” job – which means that most people serving their state need to hold regular, full time jobs that pay the bills. Officer Robles performs a daily balancing act between his service to the residents of Hartford, and his legislative duty to the state. I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I asked my boss for a night off and was told no, I would not think it ethical to then “call in sick” as was suggested above. Officer Robles made the ethical decision to abide by his supervisor’s decision, and not miss work.

    I sincerely hope people will take a step back, weigh all the facts in a reasonable and fair way, and the judge Officer Robles on his record, accomplishments and values.


    • you are the life partner of Evelyn Mantilla who is getting paid from Hector Robles as a senior operative in his primary against Alyssa Peterson.The fact you didnt disclose your conflict of interest means you are trying to be disceptive to everyone who reads your post.You have zero credibility.


  3. Babette is the partner of Roble’s senior campiagn person ( evelyn mantilla) and should have disclosed this when she posted the above comment.The fact that she didnt means that Babette has no credibility


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