Why has no one stepped up to challenge Weicker?

I received plenty of comments about Former Governor Weicker’s appearance on “Face the State” on July 4th.   As to be expected, there were some negative comments from people who continue to blame Weicker for the income tax.   

 Nobody likes paying taxes, and as we all know, Connecticut has a huge tax burden.   But as Weicker mentioned on “Face”, if the income tax is so bad, why hasn’t anyone proposed repealing it?  They’ve had 19 years to do so.     

If the viewers who blame Weicker for the income tax really feel the tax is unnecessary, then they should channel their frustration away from  a man who has been out of office  for 16 years  and has no plans to run again  and direct it toward their lawmakers or the candidates of 2010.  

I don’t see any voters  going to gubernatorial debates demanding the tax be repealed.   I don’t see any lawmakers proposing a repeal.   None of the candidates for governor has called for a repeal, and the current governor also chose not to try to roll back “Weicker’s tax.” 

If you find a state rep or state senator preparing a bill calling for the repeal of the income taxl, let me know and we will book him or her on “Face the State.”

Also, I got a few e-mails questioning why a politician out of the spotlight for nearly two decades was booked on the program.  As a former congressman,  senator and governor,  Weicker has a unique perspective and and his candor is refreshing.    As a young reporter during the early 1990s, I found Governor Weicker intimidating, now I find him to be a fascinating guest.     Here is the Hartford Courant’s Rick Green take on Weicker’s re-emergence.


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