Hartford Whalers

Hartford Whalers Gear Going Hollywood

Across Connecticut WE  know it is cool to have Hartford printed on your clothes, as in the Whalers, but apparently the hot new thing in fashion here is now hitting Hollywood.

Actress Megan Fox was recently spotted by tabloid photographers promoting Connecticut’s  capital city while walking in Los Angeles!    According to her biography, Fox has no known connection to Hartford.   She must just love that logo.

Also, check out this still from the upcoming movie “Grown Ups.”

Adam Sandler is seen wearing a Hartford Whalers shirt, and a trailer shows him in what appears to be a Whalers cap.    He also wears a UConn shirt in the movie.   How cool is that?!?

Anything that raises awareness of Hartford and the Whalers and efforts to restore the NHL to the capital city can only be a good thing.



Also, Brian Cashman of the Yankees also wears Whalers gear: http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/yankees-gm-a-hartford-whalers-fan/

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  1. I have many fond memories of the Whalers games we used to attend back in the day!!!! I doubt that Megan Fox knows anything about the Whalers, way before her time. Adam on the other hand is a die hard hockey fan so that is believable and cool to see!


  2. That’s cool! You never know what drives fashion or trends, but it’s good that Hartford is in the spotlight right now. By the way, I don’t see the still of Sandler?


  3. Dennis, What a great story this is. I am a forever fan of the Hartford Whalers and I would be first in line to want to work for them. My question is where are they getting the shirts and caps. I have a sweatshit with signaturs of the last team. I keep it to my self and well hidden along with hockey sticks with player names on them.


  4. I saw that Adam Sandler movie yesterday… It was awesome seeing both UCONN and the Whaler’s logos in the movie. Heck even the cars had CT license plates. Was this filmed in CT?


  5. I’m here in LA as a TV, film and now internet producer and have been putting Whaler items on all my shows for 15 years now. Go Whale! Although Megan Fox? Ick.


  6. Adam Sandler’s new movie was filmed in Mass. I saw the movie last weekend. Guy in the theater was wearing a Whalers shirt and I screamed and pointed at the screen when I saw Adam wearing the shirt. Adam also had a Whalers banner in another movie – name of it is escaping me – but it was the one where he played golf. Kicked Bob Barker around on the golf course??


  7. The Hartford Whalers was , is and will always be Connecticut’s Hockey Team.

    Not dissing the Wolf Pack!


  8. Hey Dennis,

    I am actively collecting signatures for a Brig Em Back petition, We have over 5000 signatures on paper and a few online at whalerstees.com. We will be set up selling merchandise and collecting signatures all weekend long July 9, 10, 11 outside on the corner of Jiffy Lube. We are well known and have a strong following, if you can’t find us just ask where the whalers corner is and you’ll find us. Hope too see you there.


      • Hey Dennis its actually on the corner property of the Midas – 65 Weston Street
        Hartford, CT 06120. We will be posted there all weekend. Help support the cause, we will be actively collecting signatures and selling merchandise to support this effort. Hopefully you can make it down. If you want to contact me personally my email is ray@thewaterburygroup.com. Thanks for the response and I hope to see ya ! 🙂


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