Perez Resigns, Segarra Sworn in as Mayor of Hartford

It happened quickly.  Mayor Eddie Perez resigned at 5PM today, and City Council President Pedro Segarra, a Democrat,  was sworn in by city clerk John Bazzano at 5:03PM.

Segarra is a former prosecutor, and corporation counsel.  A native of Puerto Rico he came to Hartford via the Bronx when he was 15.  He is the city’s first openly gay mayor and lives in the West End with his partner.   

Here is Segarra’s speech just before taking the oath:

“This is a difficult period for the City, but we need to join efforts to overcome our current differences and move our City forward. There are too many people depending on us to get the job done and we cannot and must not let them down. These are challenging financial times as well, so it is important to develop a work plan to take-on these issues quickly and effectively. I look forward to working with the Mayors in our surrounding towns and major cities as we deal with regional efforts. I will reach out to the Governor to see how the State can continue to assist the City. I also look forward to the support of the Hartford Delegation to ensure that the City’s voice is heard at the Legislative level as we are limited in our abilities to solve several issues at the local level.

But this isn’t just about government. It is about people and positive relationships in the community. I plan to meet with neighborhood leaders with the message that I am here to listen and learn. I extend that same message to our corporate and non-profit business partners as well, many of whom have already expressed a willingness to help.

There is a lot on Hartford’s plate right now and we need to address the City’s priorities immediately. I thank you for your support and look forward to taking Hartford to even greater heights and promise. There will be changes and these changes will come quickly. I want to thank you all for your patience and for your support.”

The 51 year old Segarra lays out his plans for the city this Sunday morning at 11AM on Face the State.

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  1. Dennis ,

    Hartford has a new chance to become that ‘Rising Star’ again, Front Street with top-flight entertainment, twist ESPN’s might, make it happen..

    Pratt Street and downtown retailers I beg you force me to want to shop downtown and stay into the night with reasonably priced food — Chili’s, Mcy D;s,and Burger whoever are great for families.. dump the $100 dollar meals.. Top-flight sports gang they sell!!

    Lastly, and most important make the streets safe Mr. Mayor.. I refuse to go into the city after 6pm its too dangerous.. GIVE ME A REASON!!!

    I worked in the city for 14yrs in the 80’s and 90’s by the South Green and in the print sports media for longer never a problem downtown MAKE ME SAY THAT AGAIN!!

    Sorry,so long winded… give the city the passion again!!!



  2. Some people are making it a big issue becuae he is gay. I don’t feel that it should matter if he is gay or not. That is his personal business, and we should leave it alone. As long as he can get the job done, him being gay or not should not matter.

    I know he didn’t think that he would be in the spot light like this.


  3. I wish him well. To me, it doesn’t make a difference if he is gay or not. If nobody mentioned it, I never would have known. Since when is that a reason a person can’t be in the public service? Would you rather have him a womanizer, or her being a cougar?
    My hope again is that he will help heal Hartford, and let her grow to be as beautiful as she used to be.


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