I’m now a columnist

I’m now a magazine columnist.    I was asked to write a monthly political column for Hartford Magazine and my first installment appears in the July issue. 

Writing for  print is much different than writing for television.  Many of the stories you see on Eyewitness News are 20 seconds long, with maybe 30-50 words.   I was told by editor Carol Latter to make my column 600 words.  Whoa!   Also the writing for television needs to be a little simpler.   Viewers can’t go back and re-watch what I just said on television so the writing needs to be crisp and concise. 

I was on the high school newspaper and wrote some stories I thought were pretty good….then.   Looking back at them now, they clearly needed some improvement!  My favorite piece was an expose on teachers and administrators who encouraged us to donate our lunch money and fast for a day to help the hungry.   Fair enough, so what were they doing at Burger King?    I was also assigned to write an opinion piece on why President Jimmy Carter should be re-elected.   Even in liberal Massachusetts, he was regarded as one of the worst presidents in history and I tell you, that was one tough assignment.

Anyway, I don’t profess that my column is in the league of a Rick Green,  Daniela Altimari, Colin McEnroe,  Brian Lockhart or Chris Powell or any of the other esteemed scribes our state is blessed with, but pick up a copy of Hartford Magazine and let me know what you think.

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  1. I will Dennis, and make sure that you mention Donald Duck in one of your pieces. (Donald Duck, where do you get some of the stories that you put in the news every night)?

    I was beside myself last night when I heard that Donald Duck had gotten arrested!


  2. Dennis,

    I’m sure you will do just great! Your’s was the first blog I ever responded to. I’ll pick up a magazine to ‘check’ you out some more.

    I did like the idea of you catching the teachers in BK while they asked you all to fast and/or give up your lunch money. That reminded me of the first time going to a Yankee game with people I worked with and all the supervisors told us we couldn’t drink any beer, yet they all went into a bar before the game. Then of course they drank during the game! I just wanted to make sure I was in my car and on my way home before they made it to their cars.


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