Linda McMahon on Blumenthal, Hart, Simmons & More

Republican candidate for Senate Linda McMahon is on “Face the State” this weekend talking about a host of issues.   When she was on last time we were criticized by some for spending too much time on wrestling, and no doubt those critics will spew some venom my way again this weekend. 

Quite often people will tell me that they like Linda McMahon and say they would like to see fresh face in the Senate.   This mother and grandmother  has the political gift of being able to connect with people in person, there is no doubt about it.  She is very easy to talk to and seems genuinely interested in people’s lives.     However, most of these people will also tell me they are concerned about the whole wrestling thing. 

We talked about this on Face the State and McMahon totally gets voters apprehension about her career.   She knows not everyone can relate to the WWE, which might explain why she is actually running clips from her past in her new commercials.   

We also talked about Dick Blumenthal and I asked her to describe what kind of person she thinks he is.   We talked about her campaign’s role in the NY Times story about Blumenthal’s military service.      McMahon also told me about a recent conversation she had with Rob Simmons.   As I reported on this blog a few days ago, we also talked about the lawsuit filed against McMahon and the WWE by the widow of wrestler Owen Hart.

It is all this Sunday on Face the State.

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  1. Mr. House,
    What experience does WWE CEO McMahon have in representing people? Does she have Washington connections we should know about? Does she have relationships that tell us who she thinks she is representing? What specific legislation will she support and how will she work to see it enacted.

    What does she really think of the challenges of serving in the US Senate, who in the Republican Party is she most influential with, what committees is she most interested in serving on and what special knowledge qualifies her for those areas? She mentions Armed Services in her interview, does she know much about national defense from her career at WWE?

    We didn’t learn very much about how she defines the role of a US Senator from Connecticut. She says she doesn’t know about Coltsville, the two decades promise unfulfilled for the City of Hartford. If she hasn’t the basic information on the most significant historical and blighted resources in the capitol city, what does she know of her interest in Armed Services?

    McMahon wants the voter to take her at her word, but her interview provides little to endorse her interest in the people of Connecticut. Her qualifications and knowledge about specific programs seems limited to the entertainment industry.

    Frankly not knowing anything about Colt’s historic factory or its future seems like an odd blind spot for someone interested in the Armed Services committees.


  2. “In the last decade professional wrestling (to describe which World Wrestling Entertainment owner Vince McMahon has coined the term “sport-entertainment”) has skyrocketed in popularity. It is broadcast in 12 languages to over 130 countries, is viewed by 34 million people in the United States, and generates industry revenues above $1 billion annually”

    “Recent WWE programming, for example, has included oral sex on a wrestler by a transvestite, attempted castration of a wrestler who is portrayed as a porn star, necrophilia by a wrestler named Triple H, baring of breasts in the ring at live events by female “valets” (or “divas” in WWE terminology), and the use during matches of sledgehammers, metal folding chairs, garbage cans, quantities of thumbtacks, and even the proverbial kitchen sink. Needless to say, blood is spilled liberally and regularly. WWE divas regularly wrestle in sexually themed matches. In a “bra and panties” match, the first to strip her opponent to her undergarments is the winner”

    From the report on the effects of professional wrestling on children cited.

    It’s time for the media and the public to quickly assess the quality and substance of Ms McMahon’s character and judgment. Given the descriptions above, Ms McMahon is neither moral nor admirable in any consideration. That she “connects” with people according to Mr. House is wholly inadequate characterization.

    What Ms McMahon does is use violence and sexually explicit material to lure children into her “performances”. Don’t let the Channel 3 viewer forget these facts. And, if we are so unfortunate and foolish to elect this person, don’t let Ms McMahon take a salary from the Senate or participate in the $15,000.00 a year health coverage all legislators in Washington enjoy. I didn’t hear her mention that she would take no compensation. That’s how much she cares about the people of Connecticut and the children permanently injured mimicking the violence of WWE. This person cannot hide her history and she wants you to give her a pass for harming countless children. Disgusting.


    • KC she is not in this for the petty $174,000 per year salary or the Health care to her thats a joke.She is spending Millions to get elected there must be a bigger prize she hopes to get.


      • With all due respect, that is exactly my concern. Should the citizens of this country pay Ms McMahon to pursue her private agenda? A CEO who has made billions using independent contractors to portray violence and misogynist victimization seems an odd inspiration for public service.

        I see nothing that might suggest anything other than a self dealing opportunist gleefully having us pay for her aspirations, whatever they may be, that we have no idea about, to the tune of $150,000.00 a year, that’s not a petty concern.


  3. It bothers me that no one has questioned Linda about the only part of her reborn wrestling empire that should really matter to voters: On who’s backs has she built her empire and fortune?

    If one believes former disgruntled wrestlers (Including the former Governor of Minn.) or the many rumors swirling in the air, the WWE empire offers little in the way of job security, health care for their families, or pensions.

    As I understand it, WWE wrestlers are categorized as ‘contract workers’ bypassing labor laws, the WWE only pays for injuries incurred in the ring, and wrestler contracts are in effect only until the employees lose their popularity or the plot line passes them by (They can continue to wrestle in small venues like the old Berlin Fairgrounds or the old crystal arena in Norwalk)

    If true, Are these the labor policies we want to see representing us in Washington?


  4. My concerns with her have to deal with the whole Blumenthal thing. Lets say it like it is Linda, Dennis asked you flat out how you feel about him is he truthful,reliable & trustworthy your reply was about his service during Vietnam and his misrepresentation of his duties during such time.You asked what kind of character the person we want to represent us should have.Then your asked about bringing the issue of his service to lite.Your position was we did not leak it, the NY Times had the story and they did everything all we did was give them the tape and they ran with it.Was it the NY Times that only played that one part of the tape where he did misspeak or did you let them see the whole thing like when he corrected himself? Either way thats not the point.The point I am going for is you put out a half truth that came back to bite you and you put the blame elsewhere, you did it, it is done, now live with it dont act like it was not you.

    Then you go on to say how you and the WWE are so sad for the death of Owen Heart and how you wanted to take care of his family. Why did it take a law suite and over a year and a half for you to settle, if you really wanted to care for Martha and her 2 kids one 7yo & one 4yo. But I guess you will blame someone else for that as well, They got there money its only there dad the show must go on thats right it did.

    So what kind of person do I want to represent me and the people of CT………..

    One who has spent most of his life in service to his country and state but shows he is human and can misspeak.
    One who has gotten rich off the pain and misfortune of her employees but puts on a good show and knows how to run a business.

    It is a tough call


    • I’m not cetain WWE is a good show, it IS an example of prurient disregard for others. That would be troubling enough. Add on that employees are people too, except when they work for Linda McMahon, and we get a very dangerous combination. “I’ve got mine mixed with I don’t care a fig what happens to you or your children.” This was the Republican ‘choice’?


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