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Scot Haney’s One Shining Moment

Channel 3’s Scot Haney is still basking in the glow of a big day in his life that happened last week.   No,  he didn’t interview a celebrity or win the lottery, but rather for a brief shining moment he was the “Master of the Road. ”   He had the privilege of driving my Buick Roadmaster.   Insert oohs and aahhs here.

Last week Kara had the Roadmaster at Foxwoods and Scot had to leave early and couldn’t wait to travel with the crew, so he asked if he could borrow the luxuriant cruiser for the journey from Mashantucket to Metro Hartford.     After an exhaustive background check we handed  Scot  the keys.  Here he is picking up our baby from the valet saying a quick prayer that some day he too, will have the great fortune of owning a Roadmaster.

Scot no doubt welcomed the break from the chore of driving his metallic phlegm-colored, perilously collapsible Japanese appliance that sounds like a lawnmower but isn’t nearly as powerful as one.

The voyage was somewhat confusing for Scot, as he marveled at the technology and wide array of options not found in his impotent import:  six way power seats, automatic lights, concert sound stereo, seating for 8 and 0-60 acceleration he hasn’t experienced since he test drove a Porsche.   The Roadmaster has the same engine as a Corvette, which is one reason they are sought after by collectors, and the reason the sticker price in 1995 for a brand new Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon topped $30,000.

Where will Scot’s car be 15 years from now?   Likely in compressed pieces in the hands of convicts at Sing Sing as they craft scrap metal into license plates.

Scot was “Master of the Road”  for about an hour and saw Denise as he pulled in the Channel 3 parking lot.    “It’s like driving a couch,” Scot told her and remarked how you can’t feel any bumps or potholes.     That’s our ‘Master!     Safest ride he’s taken in a while.

Reason # 725 I love the Roadmaster:  it holds a pool!

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  1. Good thing he had no trouble with your “baby”. I can’t believe that Kara trusted him with it……JUST KIDDING SCOT! This post had me giggling…..thank you for the laugh Dennis.


  2. Let’s see…Scot has no kids to whom he will pass on the planet and you have at least two. Scot drives an environmentally friendly vehicle while you drive a gas guzzling, fume belching pollution machine! Who loves your kids most?


    • Joel,
      Actually the carbon footprint of the two vehicles isn’t all that different, and because Scot drives more than I do, his footprint is definitely bigger.


  3. Reason #146 why I watch Channel 3: You all have a great sense of humor! Thanks for today’s chuckle.


  4. When I first looked at the picture of Scot, what I was thinking was that he was praying he wouldn’t have an accident in the Roadmaster. I don’t think that Kara would let him live it down if he did!


  5. I have a Buick Roadmaster and it gets 20-25 miles per gallon hauling 8 people or a boat in tow. My Acura get worse mileage with half the engine. Scot wouldn’t know what to do with the power or the posi in the snow he tries to forcast.
    Does he think all meteoroligists should get equal pay as he says all teachers in the public school system should? I don’t care how much he earns because it is not taken from me at gunpoint as is the teachers I have to pay for in my town even if I send my kid to Mercy.


  6. I have to have my Scot fix everyday I watch channel 3 just because he is on plus he loves animals/ Diane


  7. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!


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