Bysiewicz will sit out 2010, No run for office

It looks Susan Bysiewicz is out this campaign cycle. 

Here’s a statement from her: 

While Im obviously disappointed by the Supreme Courts ruling, I respect their decision. And while, Im extremely grateful and honored by the outpouring of support and encouragement that Ive received, I will not be a candidate for any office in 2010. 

Although I wont be running for office this year, I will be spending every single moment I can working hard for Democrats up and down the ballot this fall. Make no mistake about it, my commitment to the principles and ideals of the Democrat party will never waver.

It’s been a great honor to serve the citizens of Connecticut for the past 12 years as Secretary of the State and I am tremendously grateful for all of your support. It has also been a pleasure to visit every town and city across our state and get to know so many wonderful and hard working people. Your friendship has meant the world to me and I look forward to continuing our fight for the values we all share in the days and months ahead.”

I wrote in my blog yesterday that I thought Bysiewicz would sit out this year, but there is always 2012. 


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