What will Bysiewicz do?

I can’t help but think Susan Bysiewicz is regretting her decision to get out of the race for governor.   She was the frontrunner, and now faces the possibility of being a bystander in campaign 2010. 

My guess is Bysiewicz won’t try to run for re-election as Secretary of the State.    Doing so would alienate many  Democrats, in  particular the ones running for her job, and the ones running for the offices of those candidates.    Not to mention, what if she lost her battle for the nomination?     Embarrassing. 

Besides, Bysiewicz is so done with being Secretary of the State.  Judging by her flirtations with running for governor in ’06 and ’10, then the attorney general campaign,  and comments about the 2012 senate race,  Bysiewicz obviously wants a new challenge, and there is nothing wrong with that.  

So what does she do?   There are several options, some based on hypothetical situations.

1.            Sit this one out and wait for ’12, when Lieberman is up for re-election.  

2.            Announce now her intentions to run for the senate in ’12.    She would get a huge head start on other potential candidates. 

3.            See what happens with Blumenthal.  Let’s just say another “I served in Vietnam” tape surfaces or a bad poll comes out and the party elders decide Blumenthal could lead them to defeat in the fall and they ask him to drop out.   They could turn to Bysiewicz.   She’s available, qualified, and has no ties to Congress or the Obama administration.    Those ties have doomed candidates all over the country in recent primaries and elections, and certainly wouldn’t help Chris Murphy against Linda McMahon or Rob Simmons. 

What else could Bysiewicz do. Let’s see…

4.         It is a long shot, but maybe lieutenant governor.   It is total speculation, but I suppose it is possible  Mary Glassman has had a change of tune.   She enthusiastically joined Ned Lamont as his running mate, but this was before Nancy Wyman was picked by Dan Malloy.   She now faces the real possibility of losing the primary to an extremely popular  Wyman.  Glassman might have a bright future in terms of statewide office, but if she were to have two back to back “L”s next to her name, would Democrats look toward her for anything in ’12?   

5.       Practice law.  All she needs is four more years under her belt to qualify for attorney general. 

6.      Wait for ’14 and run for governor. 

Some of these are unlikely scenarios, but if a year ago you told me Chris Dodd would be retiring, Richard Blumenthal would be accused of lying, Governor Rell wouldn’t be running for re-election, Janet Peckinpaugh would be a candidate for congress and the CEO of the WWE would be in a close race for the Senate, I would have said you’re crazy.

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  1. I think you are right in a lot of your comments here. Susan should had stayed in the Race for Governor, but for her to get back in the race now I think would not go over well with voters, becuse it would look like she can’t make up her mind what office she wants to run for. So, with that being said she might have to wait.

    Lt. Governor might not be a bad ideal but someone would have to pick her to be thier running mate.

    I think the best shot that she has is to try and hold on to her job that she currently holds.

    Blumenthal now on the other hand has really put himself out there saying that he stood shoulder to shoulder with the guys that were in Vietnam combat zone. Military personnel take that very seriously me being one of them.

    I have served in a combat zone and for someone to say that they served in a combat zone to pad thier resume later in Life, becuase it fits thier political agenda is wrong, and doesn’t go over well with those that did serve in a combat zone. But if the party decides to tell him to step aside, maybe this will be a chance for Susan to run for that seat.

    Thanks for responding


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