Bysiewicz Opens Door for Re-Election Run

In an interview with Eyewitness News this morning, Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz did not rule out trying to keep her current job.   When asked about delegates already committed to Jonathan Harris and Denise Merrill, the Democrats hoping to replace her, she said no decision has been made about her future.

Just a day after being told by the State Supreme Court that she is  not qualified to run for Attorney General, Bysiewicz told us she is talking with her family about her future.

What will Bysiewicz do?


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  1. Yes, she has truly demonstrated how competent and upstanding she is. The kind of person who puts her job before politics, and never allows her personal ambition and drive for power to get in the way. CT really deserves Susan as it’s sec of state.


  2. Sam112 – are you kidding? She demonstrated one thing – that as an attorney she could rewrite the laws requiring candidate requirements to suit herself. Talk about ultimate arrogance? She did NOT have 10 years practicing law and fortunately the Supreme Court ruled in favor of CT voters, not some self-serving politician who felt that because she kinda sorta did 10 years it would “count”. Amazing too that the Supreme Court was unanimous, not one dissenting opinion.

    I wish her well but like Washington we need a new breed of politician in this country – one that doesn’t “misspeak” or try to rewrite the law/guidelines to suit only their only self-serving political ambitions.

    Dennis H – perhaps you can reinterview Dubie and Susan regarding their reactions to the Supreme Court ruling?!!!


  3. What made her think she was qualified, when she didn’t have her ten years in? Classic democratic arrogance.


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