Sindland to Run for Office?

WTIC-TV’s political reporter Shelly Sindland confirmed on her blog today that yes, she is considering a career in politics.     Duby McDowell’s ” The Laurel” broke the story, http://thelaurelct.com/2010/05/10/sindland-to-state-house/ reporting a  tidbit from the minutes of the West Hartford Democratic Town Committee that said  Sindland was interesting in running for state representative.  

I guess that means that someday a candidate Sindland could appear on her once rival show “Face the State with Dennis House.”    Wouldn’t that be interesting?   From asking questions of candidates to becoming one. 

As Shelly also mentioned on her blog in an older post, she is leaving WTIC next month.     It is always a loss to our profession when a veteran reporter leaves the business, especially a worthy competitor.   Shelly takes a decade and a half of local experience and knowledge with her, and that stuff can’t easily be replaced.    We wish her well.

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