Questions Taxpayers Should Be Asking


The City of Hartford is beginning budget hearings to talk about Mayor Perez’ proposed tax hike.     Citizens aren’t happy about paying more taxes and there are some questions taxpayers should be asking city officials.

1.    Why has the city lost so many taxpayers since 2005?   ING, Mass Mutual, Met Life, WFSB, the Goodwin Hotel, T.J. Maxx, and the list goes on, and on.  

2.    Rather than raise taxes on an already burdened citizenry,  why not attract new business to the city? 

3.      Why have dozens of companies opened stores and restaurants in the surrounding towns, but avoided Hartford?

4.       What is the city doing to recruit new business to the city?  

5.       Why are there so many empty storefronts downtown?  

6.       What additional services will we get in exchange for paying higher taxes?

7.       Does the administration feel responsible for the loss of thousands of jobs in the city, and the loss of millions in tax revenue?

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