More Casinos in Connecticut?

How would this look at the corner of Main and Trumbull? 

That’s been a topic touched on by two of the Democrats running for Governor.  You can read all it about in CT Confidential, the masterfully written blog of our  good friend at the Courant, Rick Green.


Something tells me the next governor might have to deal with the real possibility of debating whether to expand casino gambling in our state.   Why?   2010 could be the year Massachusetts legalizes casinos.  Bay Staters spend about a billion dollars a year at  Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods, and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick wants to keep that money in his state.  

According to reports, more people from Massachusetts go to Foxwoods than from Connecticut.    If casinos open in Massachusetts, every city town in Connecticut will suffer.    Right now, the state gets 25% of revenues from slot machines.   If Bay Staters stop coming here, the amount of the check the casinos cut to the state of Connecticut will shrink dramatically.   Losing all that slot revenue to Massachusetts might force our state to consider expanding gambling here. 

However, in order to expand gambling in the state, the next governor would have to sit down and  talk to the Mohegans and Pequots about ending their casino monopoly.     If Bridgeport wants a casino, then Hartford most assuredly will, too.    Casino gambling would help both those cities.  Three casinos in Detroit have created 8 thousand permanent jobs and pump a billion dollars into the local economy. 

Keep an eye on what happens in Massachusetts this year.  It could have a huge impact on Connecticut.

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