The next Mayor of Hartford?

Beginning Monday if you stop by Hartford City Hall and stop by the Mayor’s office, you will be told “the Mayor is not in.”   You’ll get that answer for about 6-8 weeks   That’s because Mayor Eddie Perez will be several blocks away,  standing trial for bribery and extortion.  

So who will be running the city?  The Mayor says  he will be in charge, even though he will be behind closed doors in court, where cell phones are not allowed and judicial marshals will be on hand to make sure there are no interruptions.   The Mayor says he will conduct business, including managing a huge budget crisis and recruiting desperately needed new businesses, during lunch breaks and at night.   Mayor Perez has ignored all calls for him to step down temporarily, even from city council members, and the state’s largest newspaper. 

City Council President Pedro Segarra and other council members could take action to remove Perez, and might do so if the city should suffer during the Mayor’s prolonged absence.   During a taping of “Face the State” I asked Segarra  if he felt Perez should stay on the job during the trial.   “I wouldn’t do what he is doing if were mayor,” Segarra replied, adding that he loves the city.    

The corruption scandal and trial make up a dark chapter in city history.   Segarra is a soft spoken former city attorney who would become Mayor is Perez is convicted.   He told me is “as prepared as he could be” to take over the reins of city government. 

You will hear from the potential future mayor this Sunday at 11AM.  Channel 3’s Len Besthoff, who has been covering the Perez scandal for two years, is our guest reporter.

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  1. Are we really surprised at Eddie Perez’s behaviour? He’s a Former Gang member for Pete’s Sake. he’s not some Folk hero.. Bring in someone like George Athanson. He got the job done without embarassing the City.


  2. I fully understand that Eddie Perez has a right to stand before his accusers, and that one is innocent until it is proven otherwise, and he will have his day in court like anyone should. But as Mayor his first duty is to the city of Hartford and its citizens,Something by his actions, clearly shows he cares not for.He has chosen to remain in a office that requires his full attention and participation something no one in his situation can do,even with delegating everything to a already over worked staff that was not hired to do it for him in the first place.Be it for selfish reasons like he just wants to stick it to the city and his accusers,or he just does not think it is fair that he should step down over a accusation.Well Mr Mayor life is not fair, show us you care and do the right thing step-aside. Hartford deserves it


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