Scenes from the NY Auto Show

I had a chance to check out the New York auto show the other day, one of the biggest shows in the country.  The Detroit show is the best, but this is closer!   Green is a big color this year, especially bright green like on this Chevy Camaro.

New police cars will be hitting the streets soon.  Ford is replacing the Crown Victoria with the new Interceptor, and the Chevy Caprice below is coming back as a crime fighting machine.

Here GM’s Dave Darovitz showing off the new Chevy Volt.  This electric baby will have Prius drivers salivating to to trade in their “gas guzzlers” for this revolutionary car, made right in Detroit.

As you know, Denise, Kara and I all drive Buicks and think this new Regal is way cool.

Chrysler brought in some hot models from Italy to show off their hot  new models from Fiat.

Channel 3’s Joe Zone loves the Dodge Challenger, but isn’t sure it is a practical car.   I think his daughters and wife would love the purple one.  Get it, Joe!

I’ve always loved BMWs and owned a couple before switching to American cars.  They are beautiful, reliable  cars and other automakers try to copy them, for good reason.

The Ford Fusion is winning awards these days and stealing new customers from the  Toyota Camry and Honda Accord crowd.

Also from Ford, Lincoln has a great new look.    I have a friend who just bought a Lincoln, the first American car she ever bought.   Now that I think about it, I have four friends who have purchased Lincolns in recent years (one of my friends has two) and they love them.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Saabs although it will snow in St. Croix before I buy another one.   I was so in love with my Saab when I bought it and grew to hate it with every $700 repair.  Worst car I ever owned.

Finally, the ugliest vehicle at the show.  Nissan’s Infiniti Q -something, and you pay through the nose to drive in such hideousness:  just south of $60,0001!    Note to designers:  ventiports are for Buicks and Maseratis and the grill belongs on a Mack truck.

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  1. Dennis—great review of the NY Auto show. I agree with all of your observations—the new Regal is really sharp and I am a big fan of Lincoln. Keep up the good work Dennis !


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