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Lieberman Could Endorse Lamont for Governor; McMahon for Senator

Senator Joe Lieberman, who is admired and reviled for his independent streak kept true to form today by saying he could endorse one time nemesis Ned Lamont for governor and Republican Linda McMahon for senator.  During a taping of “Face the State” the state’s most popular senator, who enjoys a whopping 39 percent approval rating, explained these potential endorsements.  

Lieberman also talked about running for re-election in 2012; Scott Brown’s upset win in Massachusetts and what it means for health care and Connecticut; and a host of other issues.

Lieberman is a Face the State viewer favorite:  his last appearance remains the highest rated Face the State in many years.  This Sunday we also read your e-mails from last week’s interview with Linda McMahon which generated  more e-mail than we’ve had in years. 

Face was taped at our news set because of construction in the Face the State studio.  

Tune in this Sunday at 11AM.

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  1. Ned Lamant, a far left Daily Kos kid?
    We plan on getting rid of the socialist “progressives’ destroying CT and the US, (including Lieberman) not electing more of them.


  2. Everyone running for higher state office should be required to pass a test that reveals a basic knowledge of Connecticut. Greenwich is a suburb of New York. They get most of their media from NY and it’s reasonable to assume that 99% of the people who live there have never set foot in – can’t imagine why they’d want to – places like New Britain, Willimantic, Norwich, Winsted, Enfield, Rockville, etc. 90% of CT’s physical, cultural and economic geography more foreign to them than half the capitols of the nation’s of Europe. How you govern a state you neither know or are curious enough about to get to know, is beyond me. We need a few mainstream candidates who’ve done something else than politics – to compete in this once in a generation, potentially game-changing election


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