Mika B and her Book

It isn’t everyday I have a friend who writes a book, so Saturday Kara and I took the kids to Mika Brzezinski’s book signing.   My 2 year old was excited only because we told her she could pick out any book she wanted.   We arrived early and encountered a crowd of about 100 or so people snaking through the aisles of the Bookworm in West Hartford.    We planned on spending more time with Mika after the signing but our children had other plans!

Truth be told,  we got a free advanced copy of Mika’s book a few months ago and only went to the book- signing to support our old friend.  We bought three copies and I may get a few more to give as gifts.

Longtime Channel 3 viewers will remember Mika as a cub reporter in a stable of newbies that included David Ushery, Virginia Cha, and Dennis House.   That was the fall of ’92.   We covered a host of stories together:  Chris Dodd  cruising to relelection against Brook Johnson; Mia Farrow and Woody Allen in court after Farrow learned Allen was having sex with her adopted daughter; and lots of winter storms.  

Mika and I later anchored the morning news together for a short stint before I got moved to the evenings to sit next to Gayle King.    

Mika and I have remained friends through the years and I have watched her career flourish and founder and flourish again.  I’ve always admired her tenacity, persistance and drive.   

Her book,  “All Things at Once,” is a great read.   Mika writes about her fascinating yet unconventional upbringing, her husband Jim (former WTNH reporter Jim Hoffer) and her career.   The focus of the book is how she managed to juggle her career and motherhood.  I won’t say much more because I want you to buy a copy.     

In case you don’t know, Mika is now the host of “Morning Joe”, which is the undisputed jewel in the MSNBC lineup.  I know, you’re thinking “isn’t that the station that airs shows featuring  endless shots of prisoners in their underwear  and liberal commentators obsessed with Sarah Palin?”  Yes, that’s the one, but the mornings on MSNBC are a whole different place in the television world and Mika is different.

Mika is the consumate journalist and along with Joe Scarborough, her show rocks.  They have great guests, terrific chemistry and every minute is interesting to watch.   I should point out, I watch it when I can, before my daughter demands “Dora the Exlporer.”  I really think MSNBC should re-run “Morning Joe” in the evenings.   They’d save some cash in salaries of the evening commentators and save their graphic artist the repetitive task of having to continually come up with shots of  Palin and Bill O’Reilly.   MSNBC would also improve their ratings.   More importantly, there are many of us who can’t watch from 6AM-9AM and who would tune in for an “Evening Joe.” 

Mika, best of luck with the book …we are so proud of you.   You may be a big author now, but I will always remember you as the girl who drove her giant red pickup truck to Broadcast House.

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  1. Loved this post. I was at the bookstore when she was signing books and etc. Got a picture with her as well. Your lucky to have worked with her and along side her as well. She’s just as nice as she is on TV and just as pretty too.


  2. love Mika-watched her on Channel 3 back in the 90s-still watch Channel 3 in the morning but switch back and forth between Morning Joe.


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