My JFK Assassination Moment

I wasn’t born when President Kennedy was assassinated but grew up with stories from my parents and grandparents about where they were when the shocking  news broke.    My mother was watching  “As the World Turns” while she was ironing and my father was at work.

Years later I was fascinated by yellowed copies of the Boston Globe and the Boston Record American in our basement.   “Shock, Disbelief, Grief ” was the headline on one of them.   As proper suburban Bostonians we visited the JFK memorial in Hyannis, his birthplace in Brookline, and later the JFK Library in Boston.    When I was in high school President Ronald Reagan was shot.  All of these events  fueled an interest in the Kennedy assassination that I still have today.

My only real assassination moment came in 1991 when I was a reporter in Michigan.    My assignment:  to see the gun used to kill Lee Harvey Oswald and interview its new owner,  Earl Ruby.    Ruby ran  a dry cleaning business in Detroit, and had been awarded the gun owned by his late brother, Jack.     It had been in a safe deposit box in Dallas since November of 1963.

Earl Ruby didn’t own the gun very long.  A few weeks after I interviewed him he sold it at auction for $220,000.  The money went to pay IRS bills his brother left behind in 1967.

I have this story on a tape in a box somewhere.  As soon as I find it, I will post it here.

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