So I Met Linda McMahon

I was walking with my son  through West Hartford Center on Friday and spotted Senate candidate Linda McMahon sitting inside Starbucks.   I don’t know for sure, but  from my observation I got the sense she was talking with someone who appeared to be a voter.   He left with a smile on his face.   She was smiling too.     I don’t think he said “listen…. this is liberal Democratic West Hartford and I am voting for Dodd.”    I definitely didn’t see that kind of body language!

I went up to say hello and found Mrs. McMahon to be very warm and very  interested in my new son.  She talked about her grandchildren (she is expecting another in January) and briefly about politics.   I wasn’t working and don’t think it is appropriate to bombard candidates or politicans with policy questions in these types of situations.    McMahon did mention she was confident she will be the next senator from Connecticut.

We also talked about her upcoming inaugural appearance on Face the State.  That will be Sunday, January 17th, 2010.

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