O’Connor Won’t Run For Governor; Caligiuri & Cafero Might

Former U.S. Attorney and former Deputy U.S. Attorney General Kevin O’Connor will not run for governor in 2010.

The 42 year old Republican made the announcement tonight during a taping of WFSB’s political program, “Face the State.” O’Connor is now an attorney with the Bracewell Giuliani law firm.

He ran unsuccessfully for congress in 1998, losing to Democrat John Larson. O’Connor has four young children and cited family considerations as a reason for not running, but did not rule out a future run for political office.

Earlier this year O’Connor decided against running for the U.S. senate seat held by Senator Chris Dodd.

Also during the taping of Face the State, state senator Sam Caliguiri said he was strongly considering dropping out of the race for the U.S. senate and running for congress in the 5th district against Democrat Chris Murphy.  Caliguiri also said he would not rule out running for Governor.

House minority leader Larry Cafero was a third guest on Face the State, saying he will decide within a month whether to run for governor.

You can watch Face the State this Sunday at 11AM on Channel 3.

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  1. Notice how fickle the the republicans are (foley) He says I think dodd is doing a terible job I’ll do a better job O what a minute theres a better job I want to be governor I don’t want the other job. When are the people of this country & state gonna wake up. Did’nt the last 8 years show them the true colors of the republican party. Their in it for their own personal gain.


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