Lowell Weicker on Face the State

This Sunday the former Governor, Senator and Congressman talks about the income tax, casinos, Senator Chris Dodd and who he will vote for in 2010.

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  1. Lowell Weicker always tells it like it is and has been, in my opinion, one of the better governors this state has had. Let’s not forget that he inherited a deficit close to a billion dollars when he took office and his unpopular income tax plus the casino agreements with the Indians put us back in the black. Notice that John Rowland or anyone else has been able to get rid of the tax despite their campaign promises.


  2. LMAO!!!! Stable?????? As soon as the money started rolling in, Democrats started spending like drunken sailors. What Weicker should of done was cut spending. The income tax just made us less attractive for potential businesses and residents. And now are economy is paying the price for it.


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