Election Night


Election night is usually one of the most fun nights to work in a television newsroom.  First of all, we have a full staff made up of some dayside folks who work an extra long day.   Denise and Al will be here, and as tradition dictates, Denise will wear the blue velvet dress that she wears every election night.   Secondly, we get pizza, lots of it.   

Most importantly, we are part of history.   We will be telling our viewers about the next president, and reporting the results of our five congressional races and of the hundreds of races to fill the Connecticut General Assembly.  

My first election night at Channel 3 was 1992, and I was assigned to the Ross Perot Victory Party, of course there was no victory.   It wasn’t  a fun assignment, as most of the people there seemed bitter as they blamed the media for the loss of the Texas billionaire.   Four years later, I was at a Clinton Party at Black Eyes Sally’s in Hartford, that was very festive.  In ’00 and ’04, I was in our studio reporting returns.

Our coverage begins tonight on Eyewitness News at 5 and goes all night long.   We’ll be looking for you.

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