Celebrating the Stegosaurus

Today I had the honor of being master of ceremonies at the re-dedication of the re-dedication of the Burr Mall in downtown Hartford.     The mall is the legacy of Ella Burr McManus, who left behind money in her will to create and maintain the plaza. 

The “Stegosaurus” sculpture by Alexander Calder was added in 1973.   The mall and the sculpture even the fountain were recently rehabbed and it is worth a trip to check it out.

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  1. Dear Denis:

    Ella Burr McManus was the second of James McManus who was one of the three (Sterns and Hunt) who got the Hoarce Wells Statute in Bushnell park. She left $229,000 in 1906 to several charities. The Burr Mall and $10,000 to the Hartford Dental Society which as donated almost $1 million for various dental charities including the restoration of the Wells Memorial in Cedar Hill. I’ve been trying to contact the Burr Mall trust to see if anyone has a painting or photo of her. I want to do something for the CSDA Dental Newsletter about Ella. She was really a generous person. She is burried in Spring Grove Cemetery (might be a good subject if things are slow) in the North end with lots of other Hartford VIPs. James is buried across the street in Old St Patrick’s cemetery with his first wife I think. I tried one day to find his grave but the Diocese doesn’t have any good maps.

    Ella’s Dad Alfred was responsible for getting the state capitol in Hartford. I think the Burrs School is named for him.

    Hope all is well.

    Best regards,



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