Stories that make you wonder…

We report dozens of stories everyday and so many of them raise questions.    Take for example, Friday’s robbery of the Sovereign Bank on the Boulevard in West Hartford.    We cover bank robberies all the time, but this one was different.

It was the 5th time it was robbed in two years!!   

The questions raised: 

1.  How do tellers feel?  Are they afraid?

2.  Why doesn’t the bank hire a security guard?   Many other banks do.

3.  Why is this bank so easy to rob?

Another story we covered was the theft of a copper drain pipe, also in West Hartford.     The suspect lives right around the corner from the scene of the crime.  It was his neighbor!   Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s downspout.

1.  What do they say to each other when they’re walking their dog, or taking the child to school?   Talk about awkward.

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