4th Congressional District

This week on Face the State we continue our 5 part look at the 5 congressional races in our state.  The 5th features Republican Congressman Chris Shays being challenged by Democrat Jim Himes.

Sunday at 11.

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  1. Dennis,

    I have a qusiton that I would like to see if you can pass on to the candidates that are running for Governor and post the answer as to where they stand on this issue.

    Governor Rell:

    I just wanted to pass on to you an email that I sent to Senator Dodd and Lieberman on my concerns that I have on illegal immigration issue that is playing out in Arizona:

    Senator Dodd:
    I’m very concerned that the Administration has decided to take the State of Arizona to court for enforcing the law, something the the Federal government has failed to do for years.
    In my opinion the Governor of a state has every right to take action if they feel that thier state is being over taken, or is in danger of being over taken by something like illegal immigration, and the Uncle Sam is doing nothing about it.

    So, as you can tell I’m on the side of Arizona and I hope that the courts will be on their side as well. This is a big waste of taxpayers money, and is something that I feel is going to dominate weather or not some get re-elected in Nov. depending on which side of the issue they take.
    Makes me wonder if the State of Connecticut were in Arizona’s shoes if Governor Rell would take the same stand.

    Please share my concerns with the other members of the Senate.

    Thank you,
    Michael Perry

    I understand that this is a Federal issue, but as I mentioned in my letter to the Senator I would like to know where you would stand, if Connecticut were in Arizona’s shoes, a quesiton that most may not have even thought about up to this point.

    Thank you,

    Michael Perry


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