Time for Glasses?

A few weeks ago I noticed it was getting a little difficult to read the newspaper, books and magazines.   The words were blurry!   Could it be that I needed glasses?

Like everyone I’m getting older, but I’m not ready for Depends, dentures or a Camry.   I shouldn’t feel badly….I’ve known people who have worn glasses since childhood.   Once a man turns 40, your eyesight can change.   That’s according to one of our neighbors, Stan Zyskowski whose family owns Central Optica in West Hartford.    “It happened to me, too, Dennis,”  Stan told me.   We are not alone.  Stan says a decline in eyesight can happen suddenly once you hit the big 4-0.

Anyway, he referred me to an optometrist.   Until my checkup, I’s using a cheap pair of reading glasses from  the drug store.   I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Dennis, welcome to the club – it happens to the best of us! Besides, I’m sure you will look quite distinguished with some snazzy spectacles!


  2. Dennis,

    I agree with you! I just turned 41 and I have to hold everything I read at a distance because the words are blurry. Time for my eye exam too!


  3. Yes, our little club is getting larger by the minute. I wear these wonderful reading glasses as well. Let me tell you, it gets worse each year. You start out wearing them occasionally (when you think no one is looking) and then have to wear them all of the time (that is, if you want to be able to read anythng). Oh, and texting, forget about it – the glasses are a must for texting. We now have a pair in every room.


  4. OH BOO-HOO You got to wait until you were 40…
    I’ve been wearing glasses since the age of 3! I’ve been in bifolcals since my late 20’s! It doesn’t mean you are getting OLD just that your body is changing. Ask your wife what that’s like.
    MEN!!!!!! Be happy the rest of your body still works and if you are so inclined look into refractive surgery. I’m not a candidate and I’d feel naked without my glasses. :)Just think of all the FASHION possibilities….one more accessory for the wardrobe. Good luck, I know they take some time to get used to. Ask your optition about 1/2 glasses just for reading.


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