Starbucks Comes Around

Big news in downtown Hartford:  Starbucks is now open on Sundays!!    Your complaints have been heard all the way in Seattle.

It might not seem like a big deal, but it really is.   Investors and taxpayers have been spending millions on new homes downtown along with a Convention Center and the Science Center.  The goal is to make Hartford a 24 hour city.   You can’t do that when businesses refuse to open on Sundays, namely the country’s best known coffee company in the state’s tallest skyscraper.  When the hundreds of new residents woke up in their shiny new apartments and wanted breakfast at Starbucks they were stunned to see the shop closed.    That is no longer the case.

When I asked Starbucks about their refusal to open on Sundays, a spokeswoman basically told me there was no marketing research  to indicate they should open.   I told them the research was old!

This may be a little step for Starbucks, but it is a giant step for downtown.

By the way, it never hurts to ask a business to serve your needs.   A while back Kara and I asked the CVS on Central Row to stay open later.  It used to close at 6:00PM.    Kara spoke to a higher up at the company explaining the fact that so many new people were now living downtown.

That CVS now closes at 8.  

Now if we could only convince the former Euro Cafe/ Bistro to have high-chairs for children.

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  1. Yea!!
    It’s about time! Next on the list: a full-service grocery store, an all night-deli/diner downtown…Front Street…and some day: rooftop dining at Kyto:)


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