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Who is Bobby Sherman?

    Tonight on the 6PM news I mentioned how Denise is awaiting the return of warm weather so she can go walking outside with Bobby Sherman playing in her headphones.    She immediately broke into a rendition of “Julie, Julie, Julie, do you love me.”    Our producer Jamie Mascia,  a mere child at 27, then told us she had no idea who Bobby Sherman was.

Bobby Sherman is very much alive.  He turns 65 this summer, but in 1970 he was the most popular teen idol in the land.   He was Denise’s first schoolgirl crush along with Davy Jones of the Monkees.   “Bobby Sherman was just the neatest and cutest,” Denise told me tonight, with just a tinge of swooning in her voice.  She and her three sisters used to play his records over and over again at their home in Rockville, Maryland.    These girls born in the Eisenhower era were trendy tweens in the times of Vietnam and Nixon.

Bobby Sherman was also an inspiration of sorts for boys.   I started taking guitar lessons around then and remember having long hair like Bobby Sherman and  David Cassidy.   I still have that first small guitar that was almost too big for my 7 year old fingers.    I’ll post a picture of me with my Bobby Sherman “do” as soon I can.   These guys were cool and the girls loved them.   The wild pants, the loud shirts, and of course, the hair.

For me and other boys in my generation , Susan Dey of the Partridge Family was the dream girl along with Marcia on the Brady Bunch.

Easy come, easy go.

UPDATE:   Denise heard from Bobby Sherman!

and Denise was contacted by a man who runs an organization in Los Angeles that Bobby Sherman is very much a part of it.  Here it is:

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  1. Wow.. you got it right! So good to see an ACCURATE description of our fav teen idol! Bobby is an active nearly 65 yr old who is an EMT/D with the LAPD as a training officer for life saving and CPR, and with the San Bernadino PD as a deputy. He proved we were RIGHT in choosing HIM to be our ‘be all, end all’ boyfriend, back then! 🙂

    Tell Denise there are a LOT of us out there, and there is a fan club..

    🙂 Mindy
    Peace, Love and Bobby Sherman forever!


  2. Who is Bobby Sherman? Bobby Sherman is the man who made this baby boomer’s heart, (as well as so many others), beat all through her teen years, I am so glad that I had Bobby Sherman and his music to get me through them. These days Bobby is a reserve officer for the LAPD & the San Bernadino Sheriff’s Department where he teaches CPR.


  3. OMG! I still have my PUPPY LOVE BOBBY SHERMAN Lunch box w/ thermos.
    I was only a pre pre teen when he caught my eye! Hey I knew a good thing when I saw him!

    So happy to see he is sucessful and not a drugged out sorry excuse doing “reality TV”.
    God Bless him!


  4. Does anyone remember him in the tv show Here Comes The Brides. I loved that show taken place in Seattle. I still have his tri-colored album. He is cute.


  5. Hey, Dennis, send Denise over to my site ( If she still has a “tinge of swooning in her voice” when talking about Bobby, I think she’d appreciate it. And she might like to know that she’s not the only one STILL swooning!! LOL!!


  6. I was only 5 in 1970 but I’ll never forget Bobby Sherman. I even have my old albums of his. I became familiar with him because of my adopted Dad, he used to sing “Julie, Julie…” to me all the time and I loved it! Thanks Dad and Thank You Bobby for the music & being hot!!


  7. Well, I sure do remember the pictures of Bobby from Tiger Beat Magazine hanging on my bedroom wall! He was the cutest brother in Here Comes the Brides.
    Now I have graduated, at age 53, to Patrick you think my husband would mind if I hung Patrick’s dreamy face on our bedroom walls????


  8. Oh my gosh! I haven’t heard anyone mention Bobby Sherman in years! I just loved him in Here Come the Brides. I remember going to see him in concert at the Oakdale in Wallingford. What a show!


  9. Nice to bring back those old summer memories.. I do remember being at “camp” deep in the woods of Maine with my childhood friend. We spent many hours listening to the music and writing love letters to Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy.. Denise, thanks for the flashback it made me smile today after attending a funeral for a dear family friend.


  10. Hello from a Simsbury “Bobby Babe” and one of those whose room was plastered with posters of Bobby back in the day! He’s as gorgeous as ever–and, oh those blue eyes! Listening to his music puts a smile on my face every time–it’s definitely great music to walk by–enjoy!


  11. I’m turning 50 this month! I remember when my mother took me to The Bushnell to see Bobby Sherman! I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. My mother, bless her soul, couldn’t hear for days … all us young, screening, pre-teens! I watched his show “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” and listened to his albums all the time. My friends and I all had such a huge crush on him. My mother & I laugh to this day about the screaming concert we attended when I was around 12-13. It was a much more innocent time … I remember wearing “love beads” to that concert. Mom, thanks for taking me! You were/are the best mother ever!


  12. OMG! Talk about memories after reading all these other comments. I thought I was the only one who had his pictures posted all over my bedroom (along with David Cassidy too) from Tiger Beat Magazine. I just turned 52 and it made me remember how it was to be a screaming teen. I love it when Dennis teases Denise because I can relate to the things he says to her. Great anchoring you two! Keep up the great work!


  13. I remember Bobby Sherman, well. That was the man I was going to marry, when I grew up. What happened Bobby, I am still waiting… I never missed Here Comes The Brides. Ownded every album he put out. My favorite, was where I could spin the cover and get a new picture wiith every spin. No one loved him like I, my first crush. I will alway’s remember you Bobby, and I will alway’s LOVE YOU… Wish you were still puting out music because I would definitly but it…. Any chance you can put out some remakes or just some of the old music would be fine…. Love you. BD Ctsvl, Ga


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