One Fewer Uncommitted CT Superdelegate

Eyewitness News has learned Senator Hillary Clinton has picked up one of Connecticut’s uncommitted superdelegates.   He is John Olsen, president of the Connecticut chapter of the AFL-CIO.

Olsen called me this morning to tell me he is finally off the fence, but it wasn’t an easy decision.  On Monday at the Jefferson Jackson Bailey dinner he told me “we have two great candidates.”  His union has endorsed Clinton, but his state went for Senator Barack Obama.   I’m also told he was under tremendous pressure from the union to commit.

That leaves our state with two uncommitted superdelegates.   Party chairwoman Nancy DiNardo, and Congressman Joe Courtney.  My take is that both will go for Obama….eventually.   Courtney has to be neutral now.    Clinton is on the armed services committee, which he needs to play nice with because of the submarines!  The navy base and the keeping Electric Boat busy are crucial to Courtney’s re-election.  But let’s face it, if Courtney was really secretly enthusiastic about Clinton, he would have committed to her already.

The lion’s share of the Connecticut superdelegation has gone for Obama, including Senator Chris Dodd, Congressmen John Larson and Chris Murphy, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro and Senate President Donald WIlliams.

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