McMahon Could Return to National Stage

It has been almost thirteen years since Linda McMahon became a household name in Connecticut politics. In 2010 she ran for the U.S. senate seat held then by the the retiring Chris Dodd, but went on to lose to Richard Blumenthal. Two years later she was defeated by Chris Murphy in the race to replace Joe Lieberman.

I interviewed McMahon several times over those three years , and this week I sat down with her again to catch up and see what’s she has been up to. Sunday morning at 10 on This Week in Connecticut you’ll see some video of her daring adventure she crossed off her bucket list, and you’ll find out what she has been working on, and her thoughts on returning to the national stage. McMahon served in the Trump cabinet as the director of the SBA the Small Business Administration.

Watch the interview here:

Also Sunday we talk with Comptroller Sean Scanlon about hero pay, the budget and much more.

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  1. Please ask Sean why I have not received my hero pay despite signing up for it? I cant seem to get an answer. I am sure I am not alone. Thanks


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