This Week in Connecticut February 28, 2021

500,000 people have died of coronavirus in the United States. I’ll put that grim number into perspective for you on Sunday morning.

Also on Sunday’s edition of This Week in Connecticut, we talk with two of Governor Lamont’s closest aides: Melissa McCaw and Paul Mounds. We discuss vaccines, marijuana and their role as trailblazers. Also State Treasurer Shawn Wooden, with a wide ranging discussion. Lisa Carberg and Jodi Latina on the vaccine issue. Lisa talks with a family of someone with autism and Jodi breaks down the myths of the vaccine.

We take a look at how the pandemic is affecting police work as I chat with West Hartford Chief Vernon Riddick, Lt. Eric Rocheleau and Officer Rob Riccobon. I also take you to Ashford to the Hole in the Wall Gang camp for an exclusive tour with Hilary Axtmayer of the damage there.

Our flashback: some cool old film of a governor who traveled across Connecticut by plane.

I invite you to join me Sunday morning at 10AM on WTNH for a type of show that is a little familiar to you, but totally different.

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