Pay it Forward to Those Quarantining

One side effect of testing positive for COVID-19 I experienced was a little weight gain. Why? Food was plentiful because so many of our friends brought meals to our house.

Kara, the kids and I were deeply touched by the tremendous kindness of people during our quarantine and we are now paying it forward. Kara and I tested positive in mid-December, which meant we had to stay in the house for the busy period right before Christmas. We are so grateful for those who delivered meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner to us, taking time out of their valuable holiday shopping and preparation hours to help us out. Some were homemade, some from our favorite restaurants, and all were delicious and appreciated.

We thanked them all individually and I’m not going to mention names here, because some want to keep their acts of kindness private, but here are few photos I snapped of the food and of these generous, thoughtful people through the front door.

One of Julian’s friends tested positive this week and his family is now under quarantine, so we delivered meals to their house last night. Trust me, this is very helpful, because Door Dash can get a little tiring and expensive, and some of those with COVID are just too tired or sick to cook.

If you have someone in your life with COVID you want to help, here are some tips:

1. Check with them first. If you are dropping off dinner and two people already have done that, maybe another day would be better for them.
2. Make it easy for them.
3. Text or call when you arrive so the food isn’t sitting out for too long.
4. Practice social distancing and wear a mask when dropping it off.
5. Ask them what they need. Maybe it is not food, like a prescription that needs to be picked up, pet food, or other supplies.

Kara and I are grateful to have recovered from COVID. As we reported earlier, Kara had it more serious than I did, with a cough and fever. We never lost the sense of taste or smell. We both were exhausted for a while, and the one lingering side effect I’m experiencing, is that I’m a little more tired than normal and I find myself waking up earlier than I’m used to. Overall, we are super thankful our COVID experience was pretty mild.

Pay it forward!

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  1. My sister and I also tested positive in December and we had family calling everyday or dropping off food when we needed some we also ordered groceries from pea pod her symptoms were more flu like while mine were more mild and the only thing still is that I have is lingering is shortness of breath but is getting a little better glad you both are doing well


  2. You two are obviously well loved. You get back what you put in. So glad you both are feeling better!


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