Holiday Card 2020

Every year we take a family photo to use in a Christmas card and some years it is an easier task than others. Ideally, we get the photo taken in the summer and have it ordered by Thanksgiving and cards can go out around December 1st, in time to make it to family in Italy, and friends in Canada, Brazil and Belgium by Christmas Day.

2020 was not one of those years.

We finally got a family picture snapped by mid November, thanks to Seasons Magazine photographer Stan Godlewski, who was at our house for the magazine shoot. COVID delays meant we didn’t get cards delivered until to our house until December 18th, and sending them out took a while. Our foreign friends and family will be getting cards by Valentine’s Day, lol.

We try to get the family pets in the photo if possible, and a few years when we used a self timer, well, we got blurry versions like the one above. The kids were little, nap deprived and the photo session was frustrating!

Our friend Felipe Guajardo has taken photos for us and he is awesome and will be back next year.

Anyway, here is the 2020 version: (click to enlarge)

A few oldies but goodies:

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  1. Great picture of a beautiful family.
    Hope your Christmas was fantastic.
    And wishing you a Happy & Healthy New
    Year to you and your family. Stay healthy. Looking forward to the eleventh. Best of LUCK!


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