Denise D'Ascenzo

As Denise Would Say…

I’m deeply honored to be the president and chairman of the board of the Denise D’Ascenzo Foundation. As we approach the date that marks a year since Denise’s passing, I invite you to donate to the foundation if you can or post a memory of Denise below.

This shirt was made for me by Brenda Kestenbaum, great friend to Denise and me. Denise’s favorite color was coral and she said these words to the graduating class of Quinnipiac University in 2013 when she was awarded an honorary degree. She lived her life this way, “be open, be brave, be kind.” Should we make these shirts and sell them to support the foundation?

Here’s the link to the foundation

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  1. Yes, sell the shirts. It would be a great reminder of how wonderful a person Denise was. Also, words everyone should try to live by.


  2. The quote is perfect! Yes I think the shirt would be a big seller and great fundraiser.


  3. I think this would be a great tribute to Denise and a great fund raiser for the foundation. ALL in coral color, of course.

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  4. Yes, the shirt would be a bonus to the great things you are doing to honor Denise’s life. She was truly a remarkable person!


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