Halloween 2020

In 2019 we had roughly 800 trick or treaters. 2020? Zero. Nada. Following the guidance of Governor Lamont and the state’s COVID-19 guidelines, Kara and I decided to not give out candy this year or take the kids out to get candy from the neighbors. It seems all of our neighbors followed suit, in fact one of our neighbors had these signs printed and she gave us one to put in our front lawn. (Click the pics to make them bigger.)

It is a shame for the kids coronavirus put a damper on Halloween this year. Fright night fell on a Saturday this year, and parents like us were very happy Halloween wasn’t on a school night. It was going to be an epic night.

Our kids love Halloween, so we still decorated the house for the non-occasion with a scary clown theme this year. Our pumpkins took a beating from the squirrels who ravaged them days before the 31st. The kids were allowed to have a few friends they see at school over for some candy and fun in the backyard and show off their costumes. We even had a surprise visit from another neighbor who braved the frigid weather. Recognize this guy?

Helena was a cowgirl and Julian a character from the game “Among Us,” which his friends were also doing. I’m nominating myself for “dad of the year” for driving to the Party City in Fairfield, which had the last costume of its kind in the entire state.

Kara was a biker clown and I was a superhero doctor. I had to rip the scrubs I had to fit over the puffed up fake muscles on the Superman costume. It was a tribute to all the health care workers who have been heroes on the front line of the battle against the coronavirus and helping keep Connecticut healthy.

Looking forward to 2021.

By the way check out this flashback from ten years ago when Denise D’Ascenzo and I were working Halloween and played a quick game of newsroom pumpkin football!

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  1. Loved the Halloween decorations, costumes, and pictures. The one with Denise 🧡. Hi Scott❣️ And it looked like FUN❣️


  2. Love your Halloween costumes which were very creative!
    There were no little Trick it Treaters here in Philly suburbs either. We miss seeing the little Munchkins in their costumes.
    The picture of you & Denise playing football in the news room was great. We toured the old site in Hartford with one of your past meteorologists! It was fun!


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