Did You Get a Flu Shot?

It is flu season which means it is flu shot season.

I never used to get a flu shot until I was persuaded by Kara Sundlun and Denise D’Ascenzo to do it. My argument was I never got the flu and I cry when I see a needle. Okay, so the latter part is a little untrue, but I just never felt I need to get the vaccine. Kara and Denise would get the shots every year, and when I became a dad, our pediatrician told me I needed to get a flu shot to protect our children. Enough said, I’ve been getting a flu shot every fall since then.

Kara, Governor Lamont and I got all gotflu shots this week, and posted it on social media to get the word out. As the governor said at Maloney High School in Meriden as he got a shot, “it’s more important than ever to keep your immune system strong.”

Don’t know where to get a flu shot? Go to

Watch this classic video from 2017 of Denise explaining why to get a flu shot, and below check out some shots of us getting the vaccine.

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  1. Yes the beginning of September I work for a dr and when they came in I was the first to get the flu vaccine


  2. Great Video seen from Philly suburbs from a CT native. Denise was a wonderful person! Glad you got your flu shots.


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