Masks with Meaning

Kara and I just received some awesome gifts, totally appropriate and necessary for the Covid world we live in: masks. WFSB technical producer Wendy LaFollette is an amazing person, who, in the more then twenty years I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her, has always given back, especially to her co-workers. From an array of home made cookies in the 90s to these home made masks in the 21st century.

A technical producer is also known as a director, and Wendy is one of the best. Her role is that of a pilot: she gets the plane in the air (in this case a newscast,) and keeps it in the air and brings it in for a safe landing. Here’s Wendy with longtime WFSB studio legend Haynes Ford.

The thought that went into these is incredible. Wendy measured our faces so they would for perfectly, then hand selected fabrics to suit each person. Kara’s masks are made of “Mackinac Island” prints. Mackinac is the Michigan vacation destination where Kara and I got engaged 18 years ago, and Wendy remembered. My masks have special meaning, too. The state print is on one. I guess I’ll have to run for office some day, right? The other has the distinctive outline of our great state, and the third is a seersucker design with coral elephants. Denise’s favorite color was coral and elephants, her favorite animal.

Kara and I are blown away by these beautiful creations, and by Wendy’s kindness, at a time we really need it. Thank you, Wendy!!

I also want to give a shoutout to Jen Thomas, who made me this Hartford Whalers mask a while back. Keeping the dream alive while helping fight the coronavirus.

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  1. What a great soul Wendy has. I’m glad Wendy was able to remind you that you are a special guy who deserves great things—
    Speaking of great things and I mentioned a few weeks ago, I think you’d make a fantastic CHIEF of Ct-Wendy must think so also!


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