State Trooper? Hartford Yard Goats Outfielder?

One of the best parts of my life in Connecticut is helping out charities. I had a great opportunity to help support the Hartford Police Athletic League at their annual golf tournament. The PAL helps fund sports programs for city youngsters. It is a fantastic organization run by former city clerk John Bazzano, whom I met years ago when he was chief of staff to Mayor Mike Peters. My friend and neighbor Dave Jorgensen, whose love for Hartford is legendary, is a key player in PAL.

I was invited to play with the State Police team led by Brian Foley, Tim Restall of the Hartford Yard Goats and Colonel Stavros Mellekas. One of the questions I was asked is “what is next for me after leaving Channel 3?” Brian stoked some speculation with this tweet:

A few people believed it and Christine Lee of WTIC 96.5 FM called Foley on her show “Christine and Salt” to ask about it.

The answer: no, I’m not entering the police academy. These are dedicated men and women who choose to serve, and likely in way better shape than I am.

Second base for the Yard Goats? I love the team, but can better serve them as a cheerleader in the stands. Former major league baseball player Doug Glanville also weighed in:

I love the team, but can better serve them as a cheerleader in the stands.

So what’s next for me? I don’t know yet, but as they say, “stay tuned.”

Also if you haven’t been to Keney Park Golf Course. Check it out. It’s gorgeous and in great shape.

If you can, please donate to Hartford PAL right here:

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  1. I really thought you were going to enter the Academy..
    You will do well in what ever. You do…
    Maybe you and Brian Foley can team up with something???N


  2. So many in CT love and miss you… Do what is best for you!!! And YES to the plaid… It is perfect!!!


  3. I think you would make a great baseball player and organizer of fund raisers in Hartford and all of Connecticut.


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