There’s an Artist in All of Us


A fun event our family looks forward to all summer is “Wet Paint” to benefit the Newport Art Museum.  My father in-law was involved in the museum years ago and now our children are appreciating art and this historic place.

We’re not artists by any means, but that’s what makes “Wet Paint” so great. There are fantastic artists like John Grosvenor and Rupert Nesbit mixed in with amateurs like me.  Children also take part and get a huge thrill at seeing their artwork hang in a museum.

Artists donate their work and then the doors open and people bid on these paintings, sculptures and photographs at a live and silent auction.  Some have a “buy it now” price.   Tens of thousands of dollars are raised for the museum.

Last year I was humbled to learn my painting was the first sold, to an art collector.

This year I painted “Barracudas in a Buick” and at last check it had multiple bids.  I’m not sure who ended up with it, but I’m more than pleased it sold for a great cause.

Heres Kara’s “Bengal on the Beach.”  More on the Newport Art Museum and Wet Paint at the link below.  At the far bottom are links to my previous paintings.



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