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Weicker Endorses Lamont; Wants Republicans to Win House or Senate

It’s been 27 years since Governor Lowell Weicker signed the Connecticut income tax into law, but the tax is a big issue in campaign 2018. Two Republicans are proposing eliminating the tax, with others calling for reducing it. One of those who wants the tax gone is on Face the State this Sunday, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton.

I talked with Boughton about his opponents, two of whom he calls the “Stemenowskis” and I asked to him to explain whether eliminating the income tax is actually feasible.

Also on the program, Democrat Ned Lamont. I asked him whether he plans to reduce or eliminate any taxes and we talked about his opponent Joe Ganim, who has been criticizing him about his wealth.

Both men were interviewed with a giant in Connecticut politics staring them down in the Face the State studio,  former Governor and former U.S. Senator Lowell Weicker, who said he liked Boughton most among the Republicans, but decided to endorse Lamont.

” He has a sharp mind and has the brains to get us out of the hole we are in right now….He has the instinct to be a great governor.”

Weicker, now 87,  went on to say he wants Connecticut Republicans to win either the House or the Senate, and we also talked about his legacy, casino gambling and the income tax. Does he have any regrets?

Tune in Sunday at 8:30AM on WFSB.

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